Monday, 27 February 2017

اعلان عن دورة Cisco

يعلن مركز سعيد خوري عن طرح دورة CCNA1

أيام الدورة: يوم الاثنين من كل اسبوع من الساعة 9:00 -3:00

               يوم الخميس من كل اسبوع من الساعة 9:00-3:00

ساعات الدورة: 70 ساعة

النسبة المطلوبة للحضور على الاقل : 70%

تكلفة الدورة : 150$

مكان انعقاد الدورة : مركز سعيد خوري لتكنولوجيا المعلومات

  Course Description

CCNA Exploration explains the role of application protocols and their relation to networking services. The four courses immerse students in routing, switching, and advanced technologies to help them prepare for the Cisco CCNA certification exams.

CCNA Exploration can be delivered as an independent curriculum or integrated into a broader course of study, such as degree programs in IT, engineering, math, or science.

CCNA Exploration includes the following features:

  • Courses emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and the practical application of skills.
  • Rich multimedia content includes Flash-based interactive activities, videos, games, and quizzes to address a variety of learning styles, help stimulate learning, and increase knowledge retention.

·         Cisco Packet Tracer simulation-based learning activities promote the exploration of networking concepts and allow students to experiment with network behavior.

·         Hands-on labs help students develop critical thinking and complex problem solving skills and encourage exploration and research.

·         Built-in assessments provide immediate feedback to support the evaluation of acquired knowledge and skills.

·         The curriculum discusses networking concepts in depth; providing a deep, theoretical understanding of networking concepts for experienced learners with advanced problem-solving and analytical skills.